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Tips to Advertise your Rental Property in Kingston, ON

Have an available property or unit you're looking to advertise in Kingston?

Here's a few tips on where to post your ad: 

Writing a Fair Rental Ad

First, be sure to read the Ontario Human Rights Commission on how to write a fair rental ad that does not violate any of the protected grounds in the code. 

Facebook Marketplace

This is the easiest way to reach as many people as possible. It's also free to post.

Common mistakes people make when posting a Facebook marketplace advertisement is to not include all of the relevant information. Include all of the details in the description of your ad, so you do not get a bunch of messages from people asking the same thing.

  • Type of Rental: single, self-contained unit, entire house, bedroom in a shared house?

  • Full address: make it easy for the renters to map the location from their work or school

  • Neighbourhood: i.e. "A few blocks from campus, with many other student rentals around", or "West-end close to the Cataraqui mall".

  • Utilities: list which utilities that are included and what is additional. Is internet included?

  • Parking: Is there parking on-site? Is it an additional fee?

  • Appliances: What appliances are included?

  • Bedroom/Bathroom count: If it's a shared accommodation, make sure to list how many other bedrooms and bathrooms are in the house.

  • What type of heating it? Electric? Gas? Provide a rough estimate of the monthly bill (in winter) if this is the tenants responsibility to pay.

  • Is air conditioning included? If not, can the tenant install their own?

Next, make sure to include information on the NEXT STEPS, i.e:

  1. Should they email or call you to book a showing? Or are you holding an open-house?

  2. Do you require potential tenants to fill out an application? If yes, how do they request a copy?

  3. Will a credit check be conducted?

  4. Make sure to clarify that a deposit is required (first and Last Months Rent (LMR)) at time of lease-signing. Remember, you cannot legally ask for a security deposit.

  5. Does the guarantor also need to fill out an application (recommended)?

Finally, be sure to include as many clear and bright photos as possible, including an exterior photo.

Facebook Groups

You can also post your ad in area-specific groups, such as:  

Looking for Students? 

Make sure to post your property on the Queen's Accommodation Listing Service. It costs $30 to post an ad, but the University promotes this webpage to it's student population. 

Make your own Property Webpage

You can make a relatively simple webpage/website for your property using a platform like Wix or Wordpress. This allows you to share your website on all of your ads, directing more traffic to your site. With your own website, you can post multiple properties, add more photos, upload a copy of your Application, etc. 

Even if you only have one rental property, a professional website helps you reach better quality tenants. 


Many landlords continue to post on platforms such as Kijiji or Craigslist. These sites are becoming more outdated, as they are overrun with spam, advertising, and can be difficult to navigate. 

Other sites you may wish to consider: 

Post a Sign on your Property

Some realtors will post a 'For Rent' sign on your lawn (for a fee/commission), which helps to attract and gain attention from potential renters looking in a specific neighbourhood or street - especially if your property is close to a school or desirable area. 

Some property management companies are now also posting a sign on the house (like a parking sign) advertising 'Proudly Managed By: ____" so it's easier to snap a picture and look up their website. 

Have any other recommended tips and tricks for finding good quality tenants in Kingston, Ontario? Email us to let us know! We'd love to hear from you.

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