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Advocacy projects by KRPOA

An invitation to join our 3 part “Lunch and Learn” series on the stages of interaction with the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) and a demo in how to navigate the Tribunals Ontario Portal (TOP). There will be a live Q&A at the end of the presentation with our panel of experts.

Please register (link below) to join us on Wednesday, April 12, May 10 & June 14 at 1:00 p.m. If you registered and unable to attend you will be sent the link for on-demand viewing.

LSHC Staff

Landlord Lunch and Learn Series!


ORLA News Spring & Fall 2023 Vol 36 No 1, 2 & 3

City of Kingston - Landlord Licensing 

Are you a Kingston landlord? 

We encourage you to email us with your thoughts, concerns, & suggestions. The KRPOA would like to work with the City, & we need your support. 


Information for Landlords

"Following a vote by Kingston City Council on Dec 20, 2022, the City of Kingston will investigate a potential rental licensing program for landlords in the districts of Sydenham and Kingscourt Rideau. The item was introduced by Sydenham District Councillor Conny Glenn & is an update to a draft rental licensing program, first introduced back in 2017.

At a meeting on May 2, 2017, councillors voted to consider a by-law to regulate rental properties containing 1 to 3 residential units. Implementation of the licensing by-law was put on hold until the City completed its comprehensive zoning by-law by 2022."

From: City staff to investigate potential rental licensing program – Kingston News (

City of Kingston Nuisance Party Bylaw Information

The City of Kingston Nuisance Party Bylaw addresses the negative impacts of large social gatherings involving nuisance behaviours (ex. public intoxication, damage to public or private property, & excessive noise, etc.). Learn how the Nuisance Party Bylaw helps all residents do their part to keep our community safe and to foster good relationships between neighbours. This brochure contains a brief summary of the Nuisance Party & Noise Bylaws. it is intended for information purposes only. To read the full bylaws, please visit

Information for Landlords

As property owners and neighbours, landlords must do their part to deter dangerous nuisance parties on their premises. Landlords who fail to do so could be held legally accountable for “permitting” or “allowing” a nuisance party to occur.


Steps landlords can take to demonstrate due diligence:

• Obtaining references from prospective tenants;

• Including a provision in the tenancy agreement requiring tenants to comply with the City’s Nuisance Party Bylaw;

• Providing tenants with a copy of the City’s Nuisance Party Bylaw;

• Sending email or written communications to tenants educating them on their responsibilities & obligations under the Nuisance Party Bylaw;

• Monitoring the property on a regular basis in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act; &,

• Taking reasonable action to address complaints regarding social gatherings at the property in a timely fashion.


Landlords are not required to commence eviction or other proceedings against tenants at the Landlord & Tenant Board to demonstrate that they have not “permitted” or “allowed” a nuisance party to occur at their property.

City of Kingston - Nuisance Party Bylaw - Information Brochure


City of Kingston - University District Safety Initiative

Historically, Kingston has struggled with recurring unsanctioned street parties that have drawn thousands of people to the University District. Unsafe & disruptive behaviours often accompany these parties & put the community at risk by putting a significant strain on emergency services & creating dangerous situations when roads & traffic are blocked. In an effort to curb these behaviours and their effects, the City of Kingston, Kingston Police and Queen's University have collaborated to introduce the University District Safety Initiative.    

University District Safety Initiative - City of Kingston

Kingston's Mid-Rise and Tall Building Policies

The City is seeking input on an Issues & Options Report to lay the groundwork for its Mid-Rise and Tall Buildings Policy, which will be aimed at guiding the development of buildings of more than four storeys. 

Learn more: Density by Design - City of Kingston

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